2” Wide Packing Tapes

2” Wide Packing Tapes

Say hello to an industrial-grade tape that works harder than the rest and gets the job done without hassle, headache, or frustration. Gripping with unequaled strength, move, ship, or store any and all of your boxes and packages with the utmost confidence that they will remain sealed, secure, and protected. This isn’t your ordinary packing tape - our tape is made heavy duty.

Each and every roll contains a whopping 3,960 inches (110 yards) of hardworking and strong 2.0 mil, 2.7 mil, or 3.1 mil packing tape.

    2" Wide 2.0 Mil Thick Packing Tapes

    2" Wide 2.7 Mil Thick Packing Tapes

    2" Wide 3.1 Mil Thick Packing Tapes